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Q. How can I see all of the styles you have?
A. All current Jessica Lynn styles are on our website.

Q. How can I find the price of a dress?
A. Prices are available through the shop representing Jessica Lynn in your area. Please see the store locator section of our website.

Q. How do I see what colors your dresses come in?
A. We offer 3 color swatch cards: 1 for satin and organza fabrics, 1 for poly shantung fabric, and 1 for taffeta fabrics. You may order a single color swatch card for $5, including postage and handling. All 3 swatch cards ship for $15.

Q. Can I buy a dress off the rack in the stores carrying Jessica Lynn?
A. Most of the dresses for weddings are special orders placed with a bridal salon because colors are being matched to the wedding.
Many childrens boutiques offer styles available for purchase off the rack and can also offer special orders..

Q. What if I want to buy an extra sash to match a dress?
A. Extra sashes may be purchased to match any dress.

Q. What kind of accessories do you offer?
A. Jessica Lynn has a wide variety of hair accessories on combs, headbands and barrettes, flower girl baskets, flower balls, matching purses and shoe clips.


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